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Incoming and Outgoing
Working Together


Some companies don’t have the resources to manage customers who are at an early stage of delinquency. We offer an intelligent, customer service approach to both increase cash flow, decrease DSO and most importantly preserve the client relationship. We act as an extension of your credit department and contact the customers in the client’s name. We identify and refer customer service problems and disputes back to the client to solve and expedite payment of past due invoices.



Our methods are far from traditional. Our clients can tell us how they want their accounts handled. Our goal is always the same, recovery, but our approach can be from an audit standpoint or from an agency standpoint.  The audit approach is geared toward diplomatic collection efforts while still attempting to maintain the client relationship.  The agency approach is much more straightforward. It is extremely important to know both a debtor’s ability and intent. Our team of experienced collectors and investigators will gather and analyze the debtor’s financial resources and payment history before contacting the debtor to begin the collection process. 



We engage a two-step process unique to our industry. When normal collection agency efforts are unsuccessful we offer our clients two alternatives. 

1.    Legal forwarding ---if we deem an account suit worthy, we will forward the account to a collection law firm in the debtor’s geographical area for litigation.  

2.    Contingent legal collections---we have retained the Olivier Law firm,, to offer our clients an additional contingency collection effort before actual litigation is filed. Call your sales representative for details.



This is a free service we offer clients which consists of a comprehensive search of our data base and an custom business report. This provides our clients with information on their customer showing changes in buying and payment patterns, collection activities, judgments, ucc-1’s, tax liens and more. 



We will work with your executive staff to evaluate your credit and collection procedures and make recommendations we feel will enhance your operation and increase effectiveness. We can create new operational procedures or modify those already in place. We can also help with or conduct training for your personnel.


"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."


- Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 

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